All Saints' Memorial Church

In life, we are all on the road to somewhere.

Sometimes the destination, the goal is clear:  graduation, that better job, a new home.  Other times, we may feel as if the road is winding around and around, and the destination is unknown, vague.  And then there are those times in life when you just stand in the crossroads and don’t know what’s next, which way to go.

Welcome to All Saints’ Memorial Church:  a church in the crossroads.

All Saints’ (locally known as ‘The Stone Church’) geographically stands at a five way intersection, a combination of old roads and new.  We also sit at the intersection of time: a 150 year old historical campus nestled near newer homes and businesses. Our church hearkens back to its Anglican roots in England in its architectural style, and yet, is very much steeped in New Jersey, using local stone and working with the geography of the unique New Jersey shore Highlands.  And while we honor our history in our Landmark Trust buildings, we are very much a vibrant faith community of today.

We invite you to join us for worship grounded in scripture and sacrament, where members from infants to great-grandparents worship together.  Come and hear the voices of our children and youth in Sunday school, and the voices of our choir and congregation lifted in song.  Be fed with God’s word through the beautiful words of our Episcopal Book of Common Prayer, in scripture, and in sermon as well as at the Table of our Lord Jesus Christ.  Make connections with God in worship and study, and with others at coffee hour each Sunday. Bring your questions, your doubts, your longings—they, like you, are welcome here. 

Participate as much as you feel called to—the opportunities are many, and growing.  Outreach work feeding the hungry through St. Mark’s Center for Community Renewal in Keansburg as well as through our Atlantic Highlands community food pantry, backpacks of school supplies for children, funding for various area organizations, the opening of our space for many Twelve-step groups.  Enjoy a ministry of the arts with our Stone Church Players Theater Troupe, and in our Candlelight Concert. Join with local community members in the laughter, food and fun of our annual Auction. Experience the peace of our wooded campus, used by many for walking and meditation. 

Know that no matter where you are on your faith journey, we are willing to journey with you.  Whether you are seeking a resting place for a weary spirit, direction and discernment of God’s call in your life, or even a place to grow deep spiritual roots, please know that we’re here, and we’re ready for you. 

After all, we are a church in the crossroads—ready to meet you in the crossroads of your life.

In peace,

Mother Debbie+